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Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care BTEC

We are a very friendly and supportive department of teachers from different backgrounds and universities who share information, new materials and innovative ideas to get the very best out of our students. Our background is science or medical based and we are all Science teachers. Our commitment is to excite and challenge students with the very best learning opportunities, for them to enjoy health and social care and to reach their potential as budding health care professionals.

Relationships between staff and students are exemplary and are a reflection of the hard work and caring environment that we try to promote. Students are given target grades at the start of each academic year and are motivated to achieve or exceed these grades. Teachers encourage and provide opportunities for students to track their own progress over the year and we actively encourage the question ‘What can I do to improve?’

We are dedicated to the success of our students and we provide support classes at lunch time and after school.

Organisation of Teaching
Students begin the two year BTEC First Course.

The students will complete the BTEC First Diploma Course in Health and Social Care at Level 2. All students will have two teachers who will work in partnership to direct learning.

The BTEC First Diploma is taught over the two years, which combine elements of Biology, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Politics and Key Skills. The students complete a series of coursework assignments and short assessments.

The three core units are as follows:

1. Communication and Individual Rights
Students will learn new ways of communicating with each other and learn about the rights of individuals in society. They will begin to understand how Health Care Professionals promote the rights of the individual.

2. Individual Needs within the Health and Social Care Sectors
Students will find out what the basic needs of the individual are and begin to analyse different theories. They will learn how Health Care Professionals support these needs. They will also gain an understanding of Health and Safety.

3. Vocational Experience
Students will learn about the world of work. They will apply for real jobs and attend interviews in health care settings.

In collaboration with unit 5 all students will be required to complete a period of work experience in a Health and Social Care setting.

The course has recently been adapted to incorporate recognised work based learning skills such as:
St. John’s Ambulance Young First Aider Certificate
Hazard Awareness Certificate
Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

What can parents expect to see in class work and homework?
We aim to provide stimulating learning opportunities for students and we want them to go home and tell you what they did in class that day. In class, students are given clear objectives at the start of each lesson to ensure they understand what they will be learning. Students may have to investigate a specific idea, produce work to explain a theory, work in a group to produce a presentation or assess what they have to do to move to the next level.

Homework is set by individual class teachers on a weekly basis. In the near future we will be promoting the completion of homework online via Fronter. Students are encouraged to approach their teacher for help before the due date if they get stuck.

Pupil Target-Setting:
At the end of each assignment, students are expected to review their own learning and set themselves targets for improvement in the future. They will also be given targets for improvement by their class teacher.

What can parents do to help in this subject at this stage?
Encourage your child to approach their health and social care teacher for help if they need it and focus on completing their homework tasks to the very best of their ability.

We offer homework and revision clubs at lunchtime and after school which are a great opportunity for students to clarify their learning or sit down with their teacher on a one to one basis.

Please encourage your child to submit all work on time and catch up on all work missed as a result of absence.

There are a number of career paths available to students who successfully complete the BTEC First in Health and Social Care. In the first instance it is advisable to take the BTEC National in Health and Social Care at level 3, which will give you a firm foundation for the following job opportunities:

Social work
Alternative Therapies
Child care
Care of the Elderly
Adult Care