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Course outline
This course allows you to gain more than a nationally recognised qualification. You will acquire expertise in how to work successfully with others, using your imagination for expression and in meeting performance deadlines. You will develop confidence in yourself, as well as a variety of social skills, techniques and attributes that will stand you in good stead for any occupation.

Students will also have the opportunity to broaden their skills in dance, develop an understanding and experience of working in a performing arts industry.

Throughout the two years the majority of the lessons are practical. You will learn dance technique, performance skills and dances from various cultural and historical backgrounds. Some of the lessons will include evaluation tasks when you are required to write about your work. To develop your interpersonal skills, you will often work as a whole class, sometimes in groups and individually.

There is a strong performance element to this course, and you will be given several opportunities to showcase your work.

Dance BTEC is taught in units. Some of these units are Core units and the others are Specialist units:
Core 1- Performing Dance
Core 2 -Working in the Performing Arts industry
Specialist 1- Contemporary Dance
Specialist 2- Exploring Urban Dance styles

At least one of the Core units will be assessed externally. This means that the examination board will set and mark the tasks. The assessment will be a written examination/a performance/a practical skills project. This assessment counts for 25% of your total marks.

Your teacher will decide the best time for you to sit this assessment.

The Specialist units count for 75% of your total marks and will be assessed internally. This means that your teachers will grade your work and the grades will be checked by external examiners.

Your work for the Specialist units will be marked regularly.

This work will take many different forms e.g.
· Demonstrating your practical skills
· Taking part in a public performance
· Self-evaluation/ Keeping a log book

Colleges and universities appreciate students who are confident and able to express themselves, and so this may be just the thing for you even if you are not thinking of pursuing dance as a career.

If you learn BTEC dance not only will you develop a range of skills to assist you in any occupation, it will also help you if you want to progress onto vocational qualifications such as the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Performing Arts, Performance studies, Production Arts, Musical theatre or Level 3 Dance.