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Course Outline
The GCSE Art and Design course will be a fantastic choice for you if you have creative ideas and like exploring different ways to make Art. Its about YOU expressing who you are.

You can draw, paint, print, sculpt, build, photograph, animate, could use textiles, digital art and more! The course is taught from project titles such as ‘Surfaces’ and the work you make will be your own personal response to a theme. Everybody will do something different!

You will be taught as a whole class, in smaller groups and independently. You will observe, collect, research, experiment, develop and make your work based on what you enjoy using and the artists that have inspired you.

The course is made up of 60% coursework and 40% practical exam (this is completed in Year 11). If you’re good at making things and like using your imagination then the course is for you!

You will be marked for each project you complete (4-5 in total).
You will receive a grade which could be an A* - C for each project.
You will be marked on observing, researching, developing and experimenting with ideas.
You will finish the course with one final grade (coursework + exam).

After taking GCSE Art & Design, you can go onto to take Diplomas, AS and A Levels, other college courses, which could lead you to take a creative degree at university and beyond!

How will this course help me with a career?
There are many jobs and careers which involve art and design, some more directly than others. You could work in illustration, architecture, website design, graphic and product design, advertising and media, theatre, film, television, textiles, costume, shoe design, make-up, lighting designer, animator, teacher, curator, gallery worker, photographer, jewellery, fashion and many more!