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Staff Directory

Staff Directory
Mr T Hartney CBE

Associate Headteacher
Mr G Ojokor

Deputy Heads
Mr A Aibangbee
Ms J Coley
Mr E Djemali
Mr P Larvin
Mrs I Mezue

Assistant Headteachers
Ms P O’Grady
Mr R Porter
Ms S Bardouille
Ms K Mitchell
Ms C Graham
Ms L Borne
Ms J Irish
Mr R Stober

Advanced Skilled Teachers
Ms E Mount (Lead AST)
Ms C Burrill
Ms B Smith
Ms O Brooks
Heads of Year
Mr E Djemali (Year 7)
Mr R Brown (Year 8) 
Ms L Leon (Year 9) 
Mr R Stober (Year 10)
Ms C Brown (Year 11) 

Learning Mentors
Mr Z Kamil (Lead Mentor)
Mr G Davies 
Mr D Gardiner
Mr G John-Lewis
Heads of Faculty
Ms L Borne (Humanities)
Ms A Lish (ICT)
Mr A Jackson (Languages)
Ms C Graham (Mathematics)
Mr E Regisford (PE)
Ms A O’Doherty-Campbell (Arts & Performance)
Ms V Artimatas (Science)
Ms B Smith (Technology)
Ms J Irish (Extended English) 
Ms J Wright (AEN & SENCO) 

Premises Manager
Mr B Curnow

Site Managers
Mr A Yusuf
Mr I Meerally
Mr E Lewis
Mr E Izzet

Business Manager
Mr M Lowe
Administration Officers
Ms A Jones (Office Manager)
Ms J George (Finance Manager)
Ms S Naidoo (Personnel Manager)
Ms M Campbell
Ms G Avas
Ms S Nandlal
Ms Y Fernando (AV Resources Manager)

Attendance Officer
Ms L Bailey
Ms D Hall (EWO)

Head of Kitchen
Mr N Stark
Police Officer
PC E Yildiran

School Nurse
Ms M Palmer

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