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Governors plus SEF&SDP

Governors can be contacted through the School.   An outline of our responsibilties and plans for the year are shown in our Governors Handbook which is attached below.
Parent Governors
Donna Garner
Good Nassim
Kausar Abdul
Michael Brown
Maudlyn Hall

Local Authority Governors
Cllr Claire Kober
Maureen Black
Alexander Sweet
Community Governors
Michel Madelain
James Plunkett
Cheryll Milner
Donna Grant

Staff Governors
Tony Hartney
Carlene Graham
Stella Onwuemene
Mustafa Muktadir
Tony Hartney,
25 Nov 2013, 12:59
Tony Hartney,
24 Nov 2013, 04:32
Tony Hartney,
24 Nov 2013, 13:12