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Admissions Policy

The Planned Admission Number (PAN) for Gladesmore Community School is 243 pupils in each year group.
Gladesmore is a mixed comprehensive school for children in Year Groups 7 to 11  (standard age range is 11 to 16 years).

Allocation of student places at Gladesmore Community School is handled by the Haringey Local Education Authority is line with the Council Admissions Policy contained in the Haringey Secondary Prospectus in the documents attached below. 

Most of our children transfer from primary school at 11 years of age.  However, some children do join the school mid-year and at later points during their secondary school education.
When children are allocated a place at the school we liaise directly with the family to find out more details about the child(ren) joining the school and set things up for a smooth start.

On the first day of starting school the pupil reports to the Reception Area and is collected by the Head of Year who takes her/him to the tutor group and is allocated a ‘Buddy’. 

The tutor conducts brief but private induction reviews to establish that  children are settling into the school.
The Gladesmore School prospectus is attached below.  This provides a general introduction to the school.
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