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Hello Its me! I just downloaded your information on 3.02. Make sure you are reading this info as you prepare for classes after the clinical rotation. We will be checked off on all clinical skills upon return from clinical experience at CaroMont Reg Med Center. Look for  handouts or announcements on the board and podium as you check out each day. You are responsible to keep up with assignments even though we are not in the classroom for the next two weeks.
Have a great Thanksgiving! See you in class!

Current Assignments 

We have just completed unit 3.02 and are working on 3.03 and 3.04. All vital sign check off to be completed before the Christmas break.Go over the materials and practice TEST on 3.03-3.04 while on your break!
I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a restful break!!!!!
clinical skill check offs due soon....
Next Unit 2.01 Safety of the Patient Signs and symbols, MSDS, Fire Safety 2.01

Course Calendar      Study hard! See you in class!

Health Science II

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