Biomedical Technology

Welcome to Biomedical Technology Class! 
This is an introductory class to various fields of medicine and associated health careers.
I will be posting handouts, practice tests, articles, web sites and various other materials to help you succeed in this course. I advise my students to utilize these materials as much as possible. Feel free to make copies of any of the materials provided for your studying pleasure! Have fun! Here we go!!!!!! 
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Hello Biomed students. I downloaded the info on Research which starts tomorrow after your test on Careers. Make sure you look over the practice test on the Wayne County web site. I've included their web site and passwords on my web page for your access. Make sure you go to allied health, Biomed, then the topic we are on for the test to view. Go over the questions several times to make sure you know them! See ya in class!

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