Nursing Fundamentals

Nursing Fundamental Course # 7243 Nursing Fundamentals-Certified Nurse Assistant Course.Honors Credit
Students selected for this class must have successfully complete the prerequisite classes required for this class which are HSI,and HSII.
Nursing Fundamental students must successfully complete over 100 nursing skills in the lab setting as well as class work. There are high expectations for this clinical component.This course also takes us to the Long Term Care Facility (LTC) for over 40 hours of hands on nursing experience with real patients. In the clinical setting you will be required to complete approx 34 skills you have learned in the lab setting on real life situations in the LTC facility. Upon successful completion of this course both classroom work and the clinical components students will be eligible to sit for the CNA Exam at the testing center of their choice. After passing the exam the student will be certified by the state of NC as a Certified Nurse Assistant and usually can locate employment in their field anywhere they employ CNAs. This is also a prerequisite in many colleges and universities for entrance into a college Nursing program.
There are also some cost envolved to the student to take this course.These includes gas money and vehicle to go to and from the clinical sites. Uniform and shoes costs-approximately $85.00. The cost of the exam is $101.00. CPR cards and a folder for clinical journals are just a few dollars.(approx.10.00)
Annual flu shots, vaccinations including hepatitis vaccines, and tuberculin skin test are also required prior to going into the clinical setting just as HSII requires.
If you are serious about going into the Nursing field then this course is definitely for you!
I will be with you every step of the way to make sure you succeed in this class!
See you in class! 

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We will start with going over required signatures, forms, and medical requirements(ie immunizations, PPDs-tuberculin skin test times 2). We will begin with clinical skills right away. So buckle your seat belt you are in for a long ride!!!!!
Check  in weekly for updates and handouts, as well as practice tests and pop quizzes! Fun times ahead!
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