“Here come those sweet days of summer

Awash with joy, we wait

The day is long, the night still distant

Yet our worries already present

We had enough of this summer, enough of life.”

The performance consists of short scenes combining theater, clowning, video art, original animation and dance.

Ants navigate their way around using sight. There exists a species of blind ants who follow each other using their sense of smell. But, if one ant in the group loses the ‘scent trail’, all the other ants would still follow it, marching one after the other in an endless, fatal circle towards total exhaustion and their certain death.

The work’s video sections conduct a dialogue with cultural icons and the world of ants. These connections allow us to talk about the inevitable end, honestly and openly and integrate it all, in a natural and structured way, into the circle of life.

This is a wordless performance.

The soundtrack includes lyrics by Hanoch Levin.