* Dual Enrollment & Flexible Pathways

Flexible Pathways to Graduation

With the 2013 passage of the Flexible Pathways bill, Act77, Vermont's Early College Program has expanded with funds being made available to students beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year for programs that are developed and operated or overseen by one of the Vermont State Colleges, by the University of Vermont, or by an accredited private post-secondary school located in Vermont and that is approved for operation by the Secretary.  

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Dual-Enrollment and Vermont Flexible Pathways

The Vermont State College System (www.vsc.edu), in conjunction with the State of Vermont, has created the Dual Enrollment Program which enables Vermont students to access two free college level courses during their junior and/or senior years of high school. The tuition voucher can be used at any of the Vermont State Colleges, the University of Vermont, and other selected colleges. The course is recorded both as high school credit and college credit, and credit may transfer to the college of choice following graduation. Students interested in taking a dual enrollment courses must first apply for and account and then apply for the voucher at https://dualenrollment.vermont.gov/vtde. Make sure students who are interested in taking a dual enrollment class meets with their Guidance Counselor before applying for the voucher.

Early College Program (ECP)

With the 2013 passage of the Flexible Pathways bill (Act 77) and the establishment of Vermont’s Early College Program (ECP), access to Vermont State Colleges, the University of Vermont, and other post-secondary schools located in Vermont has been expanded. Vermont State Colleges and UVM offer an early admission program that allows high school seniors to take a full year of college level classes. The ECP simultaneously serves as a student’s senior year of high school and a full year of college credit. Students may take a year long course of study in any discipline (major). For specific information regarding ECP opportunities, go to https://education.vermont.gov/student-learning/flexible-pathways/early-college

Vermont Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) is a full-year ECP for students who are highly motivated and who have a strong interest and aptitude in science, math and technology. Students simultaneously complete their senior year in high school and their freshman year in college by full-time enrollment at the Vermont Technical College (VTC). Planning for this option must start at the beginning of junior year so that prerequisite steps can be completed before the application deadline. Further information is available online at www.vtc.edu

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