ALL potential users must carefully read and review the “Pool Policies,
as well as contact the
Aquatics Director prior to using the FAU Aquatic Center.

  • Users are required to have a min. of 2 Coaches/Lifeguards (Lifeguard Certified) on Deck at all time; up to 25 swimmers.
                (FAU Varsity teams: a min. of 2 Coaches/Trainers (1 AED/CPR & 1 Lifeguard/AED/CPR Certified) on Deck.)

                       Add 1 Lifeguard per 25 swimmers after that.
                                                         -         Certifications must be emailed to Aquatics Director (min. 48 hrs in advance).
                                                         -         Certifications on file must match Lifeguards on Deck. 

  • EVERYBODY on the POOL DECK, must follow:

"Boca Campus Lightning Prediction System, by Thor Guard, Inc. Protocol"

a)  When conditions for a lightning strike exist, the system will give a 15-second blast on the horn cluster. At the same time, a yellow strobe will activate and stay on until the danger has passed. (Near Entrance of the Pool.). At that time:

          ALL POOL USERS MUST immediately clear the pool and deck areas.

 -         Patrons can congregate in Locker Rooms and Breezeway areas, until the pool reopens.

 -         The Showers cannot be used during thunder and lightning storms.

 b) Once the potential for a lightning strike has passed, the system will activate the horns for an all-clear signal -- three short (5 seconds) blasts -- and the strobe light will stop blinking.


  More information, at:

  • There is no permanent gate attendant at the entrance of the pool. It is the Responsibility of the User to make sure no unauthorized person enters the pool area. User is responsible to lock the facility entirely. Please make sure you lock all the gates before leaving, and leave the keys in the lock box.

  • Diving Boards are OFF  LIMITS  AT  ALL  TIMES !!!

  • Swimming attire MUST be worn while swimming, at all times (NO STREET CLOTHING). This means, swim wear only: No T-shirts, cutoffs, denim shorts, or basketball shorts that are hanging off the body.

  • Please Shower before entering the pool, if you have been exercising and/or sweating.

  • NO running, pushing, shoving, horseplay or any other type of boisterous activity will be allowed in the pool area.

*****  Any user who does not follow the steps outlined in the “Pool Policies” will not be allowed in the FAU Aquatic Center  *****



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