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Teacher Websites

Teacher Websites
Evanston Township High School

Summer is the perfect time to get organized with all of your curriculum documents. A teacher website is a great way to assist with your organization and make things accessible to students and parents. We’ll take a look at two platforms (SharePoint and Google Sites) to see what’s the best fit for you and your class. Walk away with a plan for how to get your website up and running.
(5 min) Welcome and Overview
The Big Idea - What makes for a practical teacher website?  How can you design, create, and maintain an effective teacher website during the course of the school year?
(10 min) Show some examples of websites - personal reflection (original, revised, sharepoint)
Open discussion of what a teacher website should contain, how it should function, who should it serve? (wallwisher)
    For the teacher
    For the student
    For the parent(s)

(10 min) SharePoint
Benefits:  Integrated with MS products, Easy to upload/mange documents, Strong security settings (Permissions), Established templates (more coming soon)
Shortcomings:  Visually blah?, Clunky - not quite WYSIWYG, limited sharing/collaboration tools, server issues?
(10 min) Google Sites
Benefits:  Fairly easy/intuitive to setup, more visual options (images, video), integrated with Google Apps, Stability
Shortcomings:  Limited permissions options, File manager clunky, Still visually challenged, Templates challenging to edit?
(10 min) Activity:  Explore other teacher websites online - what functions do you want?
    Niles West
    Maine West
    New Trier (BlackBoard)
(15 min) Getting Started - Choosing a platform, Mapping, Implement
SharePoint Mapping:  What "web parts" do you want to have on your site?
    Welcome Message - Content Editor Web Part
    Document Library - Create New Document Library
    Announcements - Create New Announcements
    Links - Create New Links
    Calendar - Create New Calendar
    Discussion Board - Create New Discussion Threaded Name in Post
    Picture Library - Create New Picture Library
    Others (including HTML code) - Content Editor WebPart
Google Sites Mapping:  How do you want your site to look and feel?
    Web Page
        Site Layout
        Standard Text
            Recent announcements
            Text Box
      File Cabinet

Other Options?

(30-45 min) Next Steps:
    Create your webpage