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SMARTBoard (Beginner)

SMARTBoard (Beginner)
w/ Anna Rich, COTG
Evanston Township High School
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
9:00 - 12:00pm

Learn how to use SmartBoards currently located in common areas such as the BCC, MRC, and Math Lab. Experience student centered activities that can be used immediately in your curriculum. Install Smart Notebook software on your desktop computer and/or laptop, and you can then prepare lessons anywhere. Take away ideas for how to incorporate SmartBoard lessons with your existing curriculum.
Welcome and Overview
The Big Idea - How can I use the SMARTBoard when I don't have one in my classroom?
Hardware Overview
Software- SMARTNotebook
Basic Overview
Tips and Tricks
Downloading and Installing SMARTNotebook
Activity:  Working in SMART Notebook
Activity: Presenting a lesson on common area SMARTBoard.
Case Study:  Amy Verbrick, Fernando Campos, Juanita Alebiosu
Other SMARTBoard friendly sites/Web 2.0
15 min Brainstorming curriculum ideas/implementation plans
Discovery Time