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Netbooks Curriculum Development 6-21-11

Day 1
Netbooks Curriculum Development 
Evanston Township High School


Overview of Project

 - Netbook carts expansion of program for 2011-12

 - Target students with less accessibility

 - Provide connectivity, mobility and access to increasing number of areas in building.

Goals/Objectives of Project

 - Google Apps training

 - Review of successes from 2010-11

 - Planning for 2011-12
 - Creating lesson plans for how to use netbooks - share with each other
 - Expansion into Science Dept. in conjunction with literacy initiatives



Technology Integration Matrix

H.E.A.T. Index

NETS Standards


Basic Timeline

Day 1 - The Day-to-Day Toolkit and How to Structure a 42-Minute Class Period

Logistics of Workshop: paid hours, curriculum development, sharing/organization

Agreement on applications, usage, differentiated instruction

Google Applications - driving force: (email, docs, sites, forms, groups, blogger, reader, search, alerts, more!) - everyday, backbone of 1:1 (homepage, bookmarks, habitual login), teacher website

Workshop - Curriculum Development


Day 2 - Big Projects and How to Integrate

Netbook friendly applications

VoiceThread, Discovery Education Streaming, Write Online, Noodle Tools,, Polling application, Podcasting (Audacity), Quia


Web2.0 Tools: Animoto, XTRANormal, Go Animate, Voki, more.



Cassie (Lenovos) w/ Amy (2-Hum Enriched) - move to new class

Tish (Lenovos) w/ Aaron (2-Hum Enriched)

Sara (Lenovos) (Freshman Reading)

Toly (Lenovos) w/ Lucy (1-Hum Enriched)

Tamie (Acers) w/ Chris, (1-Hum Enriched)
Hardware and Software Tour (Presentation)
Intro to VoiceThread (What is a VoiceThread?)

 Best Practices with Google Apps (ICE Prezi, Google Apps)
    Email (send email to neighbor, forwarding settings)
    Calendar (shared calendar for classroom)
    Docs (sharing docs)
    Sites (student websites)
    Groups (Tech PD group)

Practice with Google Apps:
    Email/Contacts - Setup contacts, Classroom distribution list
    Posting to Calendar - setup classroom calendar
    Sharing of Documents - practice sharing document with neighbor
    Creation of Folders - create info/drop folders
    Posting to Discussion Group - subscribe/join

Google Apps ‎(Beginner)‎

Google Apps ‎(Intermediate)‎