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Netbooks and Literacy Day 2

Day 2
Netbooks and Literacy
Evanston Township High School
Thursday, July 1, 2010
2:00 - 5:00pm
Lessons from 1:1 - Gary Stager, Notes

Sharing of Lessons/Homework: Post Lesson Idea to Google Group under "Lesson Sharing for Netbooks/Literacy Project"

Strategies for Designing Lessons
LoTi H.E.A.T. Framework, LoTi Levels
Technology Integration Matrix (includes video examples)
More Tools friendly to Netbooks, 1:1

Response Systems
Got Clickers? (PollEverywhere)
Where is the King going to play? (Poll), (Results)
Accounts already created:


Google Apps (Pilot Project)
Get Started:  ETHS Google Apps Landing Site, (Username/Password: same as network)
New and cool?:  Google Squared
VoiceThread (Holmes)
Get Started:  VoiceThread, ETHS accounts coming soon (Username/Password: same as network)
WriteOnline (Foreman, Verbrick)
Get Started:  Write Online @ETHS, (Username/Password:  email, gradebook ID)

Discovery Education Streaming
Get Started:  Discovery Education, (Username/Password:  email, gradebook ID)
Audacity - Create audio podcasts
Get Started:  Download Audacity

Quia (Holmes, VanKrey)
Get Started:  Request account through IIT
Activity:  Explore one of the above, brainstorm how it could be useful for your curriculum, share.

Accounts on your own:
Graphic Organizers
Webspiration (Dammers)
Get Started:  Launch Webspiration
Presentations - Alternatives to "Death by PowerPoint"
Prezi (Chan - Google Apps)
Get Started:  Prezi for Educators

Animoto (Morris example1, Chan example1)
XTRANormal (Markgraf example1, example2)
Get Started:  XTRANormal
Chatzy (Williamson)
Get Started:  Chatzy
Google Earth/Maps (Cruz, Becker, Chan)
Get Started:  Download Google Earth
Immigration Journey Example (Chan)
Get Started:  Jing

Get Started:  Wikispaces for Education

eduBlogs (link)
Wordpress (old Chanatown)
Blogger (Chanatown)
Google Sites (this site)
HW (1 hour):  Continue to brainstorm, post one lesson plan and other ideas onto Google Group.
Logistics:  Meeting in August, Payment forms/Hours

Additional Homework for summer:
Revise your lesson as needed and Create another lesson for a different type of text in a different quarter.
Select a text that is taught during the quarter.
Select a tool that would support the learning of the specific text.
Create a model lesson that integrates the technology with the curriculum. 

During the school year reflection:
Did the technology support reaching the learning goal(s) and learning of the content?
What assessment(s) did you use and how did your data compare to last year?
Did the technology take away time from the learning of the content?
Would another tool work better?

David Chan,
Jul 22, 2010, 11:34 AM