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Netbooks and Literacy

Planning Meeting


Overview of Project

 - Netbook carts for 4 classes in 2010-2011

 - Target students with less accessibility


Goals/Objectives of Project

 - Google Apps training

 - Creating lesson plans for how to use netbooks - share with each other

 - Regina - Literacy support

 - Tamie - Pilot project



Basic Timeline

Set meeting dates/times (8 paid hours  - 2 half day workshops - 3 hours, 1 hour paid "homework")

Other details


Cassie (Lenovos) w/ Amy (2-Hum Enriched)
Tish (Lenovos) w/ Aaron? Franz/Sandra? (2-Hum Enriched)

Sara/Inna (Lenovos) w/ Nicole? (Freshman Reading, 1 Humanities/2H)
Toly (Lenovos) w/ Lucy (1-Hum Enriched)
Tamie (Acers) w/ Chris  Franz/Sandra? (1-Hum Enriched)
History/Special Ed Teachers
Day 1
Netbooks and LiteracyWorkshop #1
Evanston Township High School
Monday, June 14, 2010: 
2:00 - 5:00pm
Tuesday, June 15, 2010:  9:00 - 12:00pm

2:00-5:00pm, 9:00 - 12:00 pm

(15 min):      Welcome and Overview
    Niles - D219 Netbook Initiative

(15 min):      Introductions activity - Chat/Discussion (WallWisher)

The Big Idea - How can netbook carts (1:1 for each student in class) best be utilized to improve literacy in the classroom?
(15 min)     Hardware and Software Tour (Presentation)
    Case Study - Tamie Holmes, English - Pilot

(15 min)
    Intro to VoiceThread (What is a VoiceThread?)

(15 min)
   Activity: Comment on a VoiceThread - using Acer Aspire Pro

Break (10 min)
Web 2.0
(30 min)
     Introduction to Google Apps (ICE Prezi, Google Apps)
    Email (send email to neighbor, forwarding settings)
    Calendar (shared calendar for classroom)
    Docs (sharing docs)
    Sites (student websites)
    Groups (Tech PD group)

(30 min)
      Practice with Google Apps:
    Email/Contacts - Setup contacts, Classroom distribution list
    Posting to Calendar - setup classroom calendar
    Sharing of Documents - practice sharing document with neighbor
    Creation of Folders - create info/drop folders
    Posting to Discussion Group - subscribe/join
(15 min) Activity:  Brainstorm a lesson plan that can be improved with the use of the netbook cart (Post to Google Group)

(30 min) Activity:  In your grade level teams, begin to plan your first lesson plan incorporating Netbooks into the curriculum. 
HW (1 hour): Think of a lesson plan that would be better served by using the Netbooks. 
Post to Google Group by June 25.  Comment on at least 2 other posts in the Google Group by July 1.

Additional Homework for 7/1:
Select a text that is taught during the quarter.
Select a tool that would support the learning of the specific text.
Create a model lesson that integrates the technology with the curriculum.  

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Jul 22, 2010, 11:34 AM