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Document Camera (Intermediate) - 6-22-11

Document Camera (Intermediate) - Document Cameras Do the Darndest Things
Evanston Township High School
In this workshop, we'll explore Aver+, the software that comes with the document camera. The program allows users to capture images from the document camera and easily manipulate or use them in other sources. In addition, video capture and time lapse photography are also available only when using the software.
Welcome and Overview
The Big Idea -

Tie to PD Matrix

Review: What can the Doc Cam do? 

5x5 in 15 Presentation

Review - Transferring images from doc cam to PC, using in curriculum

ACTIVITY - Brainstorm - uses


Aver+ Software: Download links
Features of the software
Quickly transfer live/captured images to documents
Integration with MS Office, OneNote, SMART Notebook, Aver+
Annotations over live images
Immediate usage of captured images - flash drive
OCR application?
Video captures - applications/reality
Time lapse photography

Brainstorming curriculum ideas/implementation plans