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Clickers (Beginner)
Evanston Township High School
Learn what student response systems (“Clickers”) can do to help improve student engagement, motivation, and provide real-time checking for understanding in your classroom. Find out what systems are available, install software on your laptop, and take away ideas for how to implement “Clickers” in your classroom for the next school year.
(15 min) Welcome and Overview
Can your classroom look like this?
The Big Idea - How can "Clickers" be used as a technology tool to better check for understanding, provide formative assessment data, and improve student engagement and motivation?

(5 min) Discussion
Hardware:  Two Systems of Clickers
(10 min)  eInstruction CPS
    ExamView Integration (CPS)
    Student Paced (CPS)
    CPS PowerPoint
Case Study - Kevin McCaffrey, AP European History

(10 min) Demo: Student Paced via CPS (Trivia #1-10), CPS for PowerPoint (History Presentation)
    Turning Point 2008
    Turning Point AnyWhere
Case Study - Michelle Corrigan, Test Prep/AVID

(10 min) Demo: Turning Point Anywhere (Trivia #11-20), TP for PowerPoint (ACT Test Prep Presentation)
(30 min) Hands-on/Software: Download links
    eInstruction/CPS:  Choose CPS Software and/or CPS PowerPoint
    Turning Technologies: Choose Turning Point Anywhere and/or Turning Point (PowerPoint)

Individual/Small Group tutorials

Brainstorming curriculum ideas/implementation plans