Document Camera (Beginner)

Whether you just received your document camera or if you're ready to use one for next year, you'll be interested in learning the basics of how to best integrate the technology tool into your curriculum. We'll focus on basic operation, image capture, and incorporating captured images into new or existing lessons.
Welcome and Overview

What is a document camera? 

How is it different from the overhead projector?

What can the Doc Cam do? 

5x5 in 15 Presentation

Live Camera Feed

Discussion - What would you do with a Doc Cam in your classroom?

Capturing Images on Machine

Discussion - What would you do with the ability to quickly capture and use images?

Transferring Images to Computer

Discussion - How does moving the images onto your computer change everything?


How does a Doc Cam work?
Hardware:  AverMedia CP-155

Setting up the Document Camera

Quick Glance at Features



Focus/Present Live Image
Capture an Image
Playback a stored image
Transfer a stored image to computer
Incorporate stored image into MS/Google Doc

Current ETHS Teachers using by department
Next Steps/Workshop:

Aver+ Software: Download links

Brainstorming curriculum ideas/implementation plans

Document Camera ‎(Beginner)‎


Product Website - more information on the doc cam (general)
General Training Video Series - basic training from AverMedia
Specific Training Webinars - in-depth look at some core features
Support Forum - discussion board with teacher ideas and common issues

Aver+ Software - link to download software (Tablet users: you can download this directly. Desktop users: please request installation through a work order.)