Year 3

Autumn 2017
For our DT project this term we designed and made frames for our 2018 calendars. 
We framed our weaving that we produced when studying the Celts.

Our class made things to sell for the Christmas Fayre as part of our enterprise Week.
It was great fun and we made over £50!

Spring 2018
We have studied what life was like for the boys that attended the truant school that was in Edwardsville. Our work will be entered into the Welsh Heritage competition.
We learned that the boys had porridge for breakfast each morning.
As part of our Maths learning we made porridge. The maths we used was measurements and data handling.

We learned how rocks were formed by using food. We observed the process of metamorphic and igneous rock using a microwave and we observed sedimentary formation by making sandwich towers.

This term we learned how to perform poetry. Here are some of our performances.

During our St David's Day Eisteddfod we performed a class poem in Welsh, called 'Y Corff' ('The Body')

Summer 2018

Our Science Week challenge was to design and make a Marble Run and be the team to produce the longest time for the marble to run from start to finish.