Orchestra Rules, Expectations and Lesson Plans

Class Rules
     Do your best.
     Respect and work well with others.
     Stay on task.
     Be on time and have regular attendance.
     Be prepared (instrument, music, practice).
     Most importantly, have fun!!!
Grading:  Students in orchestra will be graded on the following. 
     Attendance: 1/3
     Lessons: 1/3 (string students only)
     Participation: 1/3
Attendance: Each student will start out with a 4.0.  Any unexcused absence will result in a .2 grade reduction.
Lessons:  Each student (except the winds, brass, and percussion students) needs to have 5 lessons each quarter.  I must be notified if any students are unable to have a lesson.  If a students misses a lesson, it is the student's responsibility to reschedule the missed lesson.  The lesson grades are as follows:
     5 lessons = A
     4 lessons = B
     3 lessons = C
     2 lessons = D
     1 lesson = F
Participation:  Each student is expected to be a part of all the group concerts and contests.  Everyone starts with an A.  If you miss a performance and are unexcused, it will lower you participation grade by one letter grade.  If for some reason you are unable to participate, I wll determine on a case by case basis.  However, the time missed will be made up if you are excused or not.