Review with StudyStack is a flashcard/game site that I maintain as a service to my students.  Once on the site, you will see a search box.  Type "DuncanvilleYoung" in the search box.  This will produce a menu of flashcard "stacks" that I have created.  Studystack will also work on most mobile devices; the appropriate apps are described on the site for you.  

Although the studystack files are grouped by unit, there is no required or suggested order of study.  Units 1 through 6 will be taught in the first semester and tested before the winter break.   Unit 2 is Constitution Week and these concepts will be incorporated into our study of the other units; there will be no independent study materials for Unit 2.

A word of careful to use only the DuncanvilleYoung stacks.  It is easy to slip into other U.S. history material.  While this material may be great, it may not be aligned to what our students need to know and it may be incorrect.  If you think of additional stacks that would help you, let me know and I'll create them for everyone to share.