Project Assignment December 2017

Performance Assessment No. 2


Once the constitution was ratified, the founding fathers faced a number of challenges, all relating to the question how do we take this paper constitution and turn it into a fully functioning government.  Not everyone agreed on the details. 

Your task is to study two of the most passionate of these early American leaders:  Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.  How did the visions of these two great leaders differ?  You will work with one partner.  Working with your partner, write a dialogue (conversation) where Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson discuss their views on the issues facing the new United States.  You should address the following issues.

  • ·       What is the role of the national (federal) government vs. the states?
  • ·       How should the debts from the Revolutionary War be managed?
  • ·       Is it a good idea to collect a tariff on imported goods?
  • ·       What types of activities would build the strongest economy?  Is a strong economy necessary?
  • ·       Do we need a national bank?
  • ·       How should the constitution be interpreted (strict construction or loose construction)?
  • ·       Is the Whiskey Rebellion important? Why?
  • ·       What’s going on in France?  Should we support the French Revolution?

Details matter.  It’s not enough, for example, to say we don’t need a national bank.  You must explain why the bank is unnecessary or perhaps, bad for the new nation.  This is a conversation.  Practice this dialogue with your partner. 

You may present your work in writing or orally in front of the class. 


  • You will receive ten points for thoroughly addressing each of the issues listed above.
  • In addition, you will receive a maximum of 20 additional points for presentation (neatness in a written paper or clarity in an oral presentation. 
  • Maximum points = 100