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SATURDAY SCHOOL begins Saturday, February 17. 
Please check this website weekly to verify Saturday School dates and hours.  
Eighth Grade Students will take a STAAR exam in U.S. History on Friday, May 18.  We expect every student to pass that exam and most to score among the top students in the state.  Two things must happen between now and May: the students must work hard in the classroom every day and they must continually review at home.  The materials I have linked to the left are there to support home study and they are effective.  Please use them.

With few exceptions, Saturday School will be offered every Saturday .  All 8th grade students from Byrd Middle School are welcome and encouraged to attend Saturday School.  It doesn't matter who your history teacher is; if you come, you will learn something you didn't know and probably have some fun learning it.

Please email any questions or suggestions you may have to