Traditional Games of Morrocco


This game is simple yet need skills to play it 
it is called :pino 

it is played by feet and no hand allowed 

1- take a bicycle tyre ( the one underneath the black one 
2- cut it into even small pieces round like Circle ( make about 20) 
3- take a thread and gather them and put that thread inside the circled round tyre 
now you will have a bandage of Circle tyre tightened with thread around them . 
start practicing first ( like ball) 
4- use your feet to kick it and it will bounce back so you can do more than one kick using all different position of your feet. 
once you master this rule. you can form a group where one person will kick the rubber tyre to another, the looser ( the one who can't manage to kick or catch the rubber Tyre will be in the middle of circle being thrown the rubber into him and so on. 
you can develop this game to make goal keeper and form pair of two. 
This game is unique and you can't find it anywhere only in the narrow street of traditional Moroccan cities. extremely fun and can build confidence and develop highly skill of balance with one foot and patience and challenge. 
hope you will understand the game.
 Rock and Ball Game

its a two teams game . 
u need five rocks and a small Ball (like tennis balls) 

on earth and with chalk we draw a big square (almost 1 meter X 1 meter) and we draw four little squares (10cm*10cm ) on every corner of the big square , and a little circle in the middle of the big square . 
you must have five small rocks which can be flat (because you have to put one above the other). 

* so you have the right draw on earth , you have five rocks in the circle . 

i made a draw to help you a bit >>>> 

one member from a team have to launch the ball from a 2 Meters distance from the big square to hit the five rocks ,he have to try 5 times until he hits the five rocks , if he do he and his team (team A) members have to run , because the other team (team B) will try to hit them with the tennis ball , if someone from (team A) get touched by the tennis ball he must be eliminated from the game , the purpose is that team A have to place the five rocks in the 4 small squares and one rock in the circle . 
if they do they win . 

one technic used is that (team B) have to use deception so Team A members will never know who owns the ball . 
also team A members have to sacrifice for the team so remember the purpose is that the five rocks have to be placed not that members mustn't be eliminated . 

usually team holds from 3 to 6 members . 
each team hmust have the same players number like 3 or 5 for each team 
i hope you enjoy it