School Administrator Google Apps Presentation

Presenters James Pearse and Ray Badger
from Palmer River and Dighton Elementary, Rehoboth MA

This class will be directed towards the needs of a school administrator. Administrators utilize a high level of technology skill to support their many communication, compliance and reporting duties. In this class we hope to provide the latest tools and tips on how to enhance your skills using Google Apps. 

Our "reach goal" for today will be some tips that you will be able to model to your teachers. In that way you will exhibit and model best practice to your classroom teachers. Its always fun the share a new technique or tool and we hope that when you leave today you have a few of those up your sleeves!

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Main Points
 Standard Setup Uploading Microsoft Docs, Video and FoldersAdding Comments With An IPad  Converting Documents
 Organizing Classroom Folders Sharing Docs, Folders and # Uploading Video, Sharing Video Comments
 Organizing Repeat Events in Google Calendar
 Brainstorming With Google Drawing
 Chrome Browsers Password Issue Lastpass
 2 Step Authentication Sign on  Overwrite text fix - insert button Cropping images in Presentation 
 Wide Screen in PresentationsCustom Font List Student Emails and THE Vault Student Documents and THE VAULT
 Student Email Classroom Folders Google Classroom Google Forms 4 Assessment
 Google Forms 4 Survey and Voting Staff Meeting Agenda and Google DocumentDocs - Restore to a Previous Version  Animation and Transitions for Slides
 Drag and Drop ImagesClassroom Websites
 Inserting Google Docs, Present, and spread files on website for rubrics/examples  Google Chrome Web Store for Free Apps
 Sharing Files (Or Anything) With A Link...Good For Videos!  Inserting Pictures Into Gmail
(Click on camera)
 Auto HD For Youtube App in Chrome Live Typing Between Infinite Number of Users

Other important Items
 Adblockers Speech to Text
(using Cell Phone)
Speech to Text
(In Google Document)