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Google Drive Presentation

Presenters James Pearse and Susan Bouldry 
from Palmer River Elementary, Rehoboth MA

Summary: Come learn (or share your own) advanced methods of using Google Drive in the regular classroom. Learn from a computer teacher with a passion for problem solving technology in the regular classroom. Topics will include sharing, student folders, commenting/student feedback, peer review (writing), group work and professional collaboration.

Student Folders
Peer Review
Live / Shared DocumentsPrintingEasybib
Wide Screen in PresentationsCustom Font ListUse of Picmonkey
 Digital Portfolios
Digital Portfolios Inserting Digital Portfolios Reading 
 From Template Button Overwrite text fix - insert button Cropping images in Presentation
 Rock the "undo button" Hyperlink Text and Pictures Add Ons
 Making Tables Disappear Research Button Make A Copy - template alternative
 Uploading documents and folders Linking from your website. synergy


Coming SOON To Drive
 Speech to Text  

The ultimate solution for using and sharing video in schools safely and securely!

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