(0.5) Class Intro and Rules

(0.5) Internet Safety Pledge



(1) Star Early Literacy Test

Because each correct or incorrect response the student chooses instantly adjusts the difficulty of the next question, only a small number of questions are required to verify the student's true achievement level.

(1) Scholastic News
Every week, Scholastic News magazine brings curriculum-connected nonfiction into your class!

(1) Teach Your Monster To Read
Help children learn to read with our free, award-winning reading and phonics game.

(2) Zearn Math
Zearn is an online math curriculum for grades K–5, with supplemental skills practice activities for kindergartners. 

(1) Xtra Math


XtraMath is a free web program that teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts which are critical to success in mathematics.

Intro Video

(1) jbloggs@drstudents.org Practice


(2) Keyboarding Skills


Students will type with all fingers using this web based program. They start in the classroom and can then practice more at home.

(1) Code Studio


The Code Studio tutorials enable students to cover programming topics such as repeat loops, conditionals, and functions.

(6) Google Drive Intro

Students will be introduced to Google Drive. Logging in, creating a document, titling and saving. As part of this intro students will create four products.

Log into Google Drive for first time.

  1. Go to mrpearse.com
  2. Log into Google Drive.
  3. Create document 
  4. Click on "Untitled Document" and title it "Test"
  5. First and last name.
 Crazy Letters (2 classes)

Lesson 1
  1. Log in. 
  2. Create new document and title "Crazy Letters"
  3. Title, first and last name.
  4. Miss a line.
  5. Type students first name.
  6. Increase font to 60.
  7. Change font style of each letter.
  8. Change color of each letter.
  1. Same as lesson 1 but with first and last name.
 My Diary (3 classes)
Students will create a diary or personal journal. Each week they will date their journal and write a minimum of two lines.
  1. Go to mrpearse.com
  2. Log into Google Drive
  3. Click on "Create"
  4. Click on "Document"
  5. Click on "untitled document" and write "My Diary"
  6. Create title at top of page.
  7. Add authors name underneath title.
  8. Miss a line.
  9. Write today's date. e.g. Thursday

(1) Star Early Reading Test


(8) American National Symbols Webquest

Dighton Rehoboth Regional School District , Massachusetts 


In this project we will create a Google Document and research as many national symbols as we can.

If we work hard enough with our facts, we might be able to add pictures! 



Step 1

Create a New Google Document.

Step 2

Title it "National Symbols".

Step 3

Create four headings; Our Flag, The Statue of Liberty, The Bald Eagle and The White House.

Step 4

Write as many facts about each national symbol as you can and include a picture of each. 


Our Flag

The Statue of Liberty

The Bald Eagle

The White House


Our Flag


America Minute History of the American Flag.mp4


  • Flag was established June 14, 1777.
  • Between 1777 and 1960 the flag has changed 8 times.
  • The stripes represent the thirteen original colonies of America.
  • The stars represent the 50 states of the union.
  • Red symbolizes hardiness and valor.
    • hardiness means to do well even though things are not going well.
    • valor means to be determined or serious when things get hard.
  • White symbolizes purity and innocence.
    • purity means freedom from anything that makes you feel guilty or not clean.
    • innocence means freedom from bad things or wrong doing.
  • Blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.
    • vigilance means to be watchful and aware so that your freedom is not taken from you.
    • perseverance means to be strong and determined even though things might be hard or difficult.
    • justice means that there are rules and if those rules are broken there are consequences.

The Statue of Liberty


Deconstructing History - Statue of Liberty



It's So Big!

  • How tall is the entire structure (in feet)?

    • 305 feet.

  • How many steps to the top?

    • 354

  • At 50MPH winds how far does the statue swing?

    • 3 inches

It's So Pretty!

  • Whats is the significance of the 7 pointed crown?

    • The seven continents on earth.

  • What do the windows in her crown represent?

    • The 25 gemstones on earth.

  • How many years did it take for the copper to turn green?

    • 25 years

What A Nice Gift!

  • Who donated the statue?

    • Private French citizens.

  • Did the hand with the torch come first or did the whole statue come at the same time?

    • Just the hand and the torch arrived and was housed in Philadelphia.

  • The French donated the statue to celebrate what?

    • French American friendship.

    • Democracy

    • America’s first 100 years.

Fun Facts

  • What was the torch for many years?

    • A light house.

  • Who was liberty named after?

    • A greek god.

  • What does the tablet say that she is holding?

    • July 4th, 1776 in Roman Numerals (Independence Day).

The Bald Eagle


Animal Facts - Bald Eagle

  • Found in North America.
  • National bird of the United States.
  • They are not bald.
  • Head is covered with white feathers.
  • 8 foot wing span.
  • Usually live near the sea.
  • Only live in trees 75 feet or higher.
  • Have 7000 feathers.
  • Can live to 30 years old.
  • Can lift 4 pounds.

The White House


  • Official home of the President.
  • Largest house in America until after the civil war.
  • George Washington started construction in 1792.
  • Has survived two fires.
  • Has six floors.
  • Two floors for the basement.
  • Two floors for the public.
  • Two floors for the first family.
  • 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms.
  • President works in the oval office.
  • Has tennis court, putting green and swimming pool.
  • About 7,000 people visit every day.

(1) Star Early Reading Test


(2) Keyboarding Skills


Students will type with all fingers using this web based program. They start in the classroom and can then practice more at home.

(2) Math Common Core Clickers

Students will review Grade 1 Math Common Core questions using an Interwrite Personal Response System (PRS). Each student will enter their answers into a computer using an infrared remote control. The computer then displays the results (including the correct answer) in a bar chart on the big screen.

30 classes (with 6 classes of Star Tests)