Monitoring and Updating

The intent of this plan is to treat it as a living document. To have a successful Information and Technology Plan it is necessary to continually monitor the plan. In this spirit we will visit the plan on a monthly, semi-annually, or annual basis. Please see the table below on how we will monitor progress toward each task and make any corrections in response to new developments and opportunities as necessary.

 Task Monthly Semi-Annually Annually Person/Group Responsible
 Technology Survey    X Technology Coordinator
 Tech. Plan Goal Progress  X  Technology Committee
 Budget   X Administration
 Purchases X   Information Systems Administrator
 Professional Development and Training  X  Technology Committee
 Library Media Review   X
Library Media Specialist
 Common School Funds   X
Library Media Specialist
 Software Purchases  X   Technology Committee
 Hardware Purchases  X   Technology Committee
 Infrastructure Purchases   X  Information Systems Administrator
 Relevant Research Review   X  Technology Committee
 ITLS Review       X Technology Committee -- Last updated on: April 7, 2016