Curricula and Resources
Student achievement is our top priority in the Clear Lake School District.  We understand that this achievement is contingent on becoming effective users of information and technology skills and tools necessary for successful life in the 21st century.  Information technology and resources are central to the library media centers’ mission to provide not only the physical access to information, but also to teach information literacy skills essential for learners today. It is the role of the library media specialist to link all members of the learning community with the information resources they need to become information literate. The use of technology to access, process, and communicate information is an essential skill that must be acquired by students and modeled by staff.
The library media specialist collaborates with classroom teachers and administrators to provide instructional resources in support of curriculum. Resources are selected and aligned with the curriculum that is being taught throughout the district's instructional programs.  Print and digital resources are considered according to curriculum needs, teacher and student requests, reviews from professional library journals, and global events.
Curriculum alignment is a major goal of the Clear Lake School District, as reflected in the active participation of staff and administration in updating our curriculum to incorporate the Common Core Standards with attention to the alignment of ISTE Nets, Wisconsin ITLS, and AASL Learning for Life Standards. It is our goal to have all ITLS embedded in the core curriculum by 2016 utilizing the online Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC).

District Information & Technology Literacy Curriculum Alignment

Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards for Information and Technology Literacy (ITL) are addressed throughout the district's curriculum. See the District Matrix and Content Alignment Worksheet for the alignment of the Core Content Learning Standards and the ITL Performance Indicators that are taught throughout the subject areas and grade levels.  Instructional technology is infused at all levels and in all subject areas throughout the district's instructional program. A great resource we have available to help with understanding how the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner and the Common Core State Standards align is offered on the American Association of School Librarians Crosswalk.

Technology Integration
Clear Lake District is a PC/Microsoft-based setting.  Samsung Galaxy, Apple Ipads, and three carts of laptops have been purchased for enriching and integrating digital content in the curriculum.  Students in grades 7-12 have school email accounts and are allowed to use their phones before school, during passing times, and after school.  Phones may be used as a classroom learning tool at the teacher's discretion.

Teachers are encouraged to move toward more cloud-based and social networking technologies with students such as Wikis, Moodle, Skype, Prezi, GoAnimate, SkyDrive, and Kahoot.  K-12 classrooms have continued to develop and enrich lessons with EnoBoards and projectors for student learning.  Keyboarding is taught at the 2nd and 3rd grade levels, with hopes to continue the instruction in upper grades.  Students in all grades are taught units in digital citizenship and cyber-safety.  Students in grades 5-12 are also taught about social media, cyberbullying, and chat room safety.

We have continued to broaden our communication with parents and the community employing technologies such as the SchoolMessenger notification system. We’ve increased our reliance on Skyward’s Family and Student Access websites for delivering information to parents including student grades,  discipline, attendance, food service plan, health updates,and test data.  Our Tech Coordinator is currently serving as our web content manager for the district webpage, who many parents in the district refer to for information regarding school events, transportation, athletics, and much more. We have established a district Facebook page to post reminders of school events and news for parents, and both the elementary and high school principal have Twitter accounts that are all accessible from the school website. 

Common School Fund

Most of the information resources provided by the Clear Lake District’s library media centers are funded with Common School Funds (CSF). Please see the CSF tab for background information and requirements of the Common School Funds, as well as our CSF expenditures for this year. -- Last updated on: April 8, 2016