Common School Fund Expenditures
A CSF spreadsheet is found at the bottom of this page.  Scroll to the CSF link.
Wisconsin Statute 43.70(3) provides that money generated by the Common School Fund (CSF) be used for the purchase of library books and other instructional materials for school libraries and for the purchase of instructional materials from the state historical society for use in teaching Wisconsin history. 

In addition, a school district may use CSF received in a fiscal year to purchase school library computers and related software if the school board consults with the person who supervises the school district’s libraries and the computers and software are housed in the school library. The person who supervises the school libraries is the district’s designated certified library media coordinator as per Wisconsin Administrative Code PI 8.01(2)(h).

"library books and other instructional materials for school libraries" is defined as:

  • Housed within and/or directly in support of the library media program
  • Listed in the library media center catalog
  • Accessible to all students and teachers in the building and district
  • Circulated and used in a manner consistent with the Wisconsin School Library Media Program Vision 2010

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