Anti-bullying Policy

Our bullying policy

In our school...

We want it to be a happy, safe place, where we make friends and want to come to learn.

We don’t want to be afraid or anyone to feel lonely.

We DO NOT accept bullying of any kind.

“We all get on in school and always try to be friends”


We need to:

  • Try to respect and understand each other

  • Be caring and helpful to everyone

  • Believe that EVERYONE has the right to be who we are.

What is bullying?

  • Bullying is when someone hurts another person more than once on purpose.

  • Bullying can be:

-Emotional -when someone makes you sad and unhappy. They may leave you out or put you down.

-Verbal - When someone calls you names, says hurtful things about you or something you do.

-Physical - When someone hurts you by punching, pushing, spitting, kicking and pinching

-Cyber bullying- when someone hurts you with words and possibly blackmail online over social media, games and apps.

Bullying IS NOT:

A one time disagreement with a friend or classmate.

An accident that happens once.

A misunderstanding.

Why may people bully?

  • They may be hurting, themselves and need to get help.

  • Most bullying is because of differences like:

-Looks - skin, hair, clothes, height, size…

-Boy or girl

-Choices, lifestyle

-Culture, language and belief

Liking a certain person


-Having certain things they don’t

  • Misunderstanding

  • Holding a grudge

Several Times ON Purpose

If you are being bullied:

  • Tell someone your trust like:

A teacher,


Mrs Williams, headteacher,

Mrs Estebanez, deputy headteacher,

Siblings, family member,

Dinner staff,

Teaching assistant.

  • Try to ignore and walk away calmly

  • You could call Childline on 08001111

If you are being cyber-bullied:

  • DO NOT give personal details,

  • Do NOT trust anyone you don’t know,

  • THINK carefully before posting,

  • DO NOT meet up with anyone online,

  • DO NOT ignore age limits,

  • Report and block bullies.


Speak To Other People

If you are being bullied, DO NOT:

  • Stay silent,

  • Do it back,

  • Listen to them or do what they say,

  • Don’t take it personally - they probably don’t mean what they say, and IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!

If you see someone being bullied

  • Tell a teacher, adult or friend.

  • Calmly, and if safe to do, tell them to stop.

  • Comfort the person who is hurt by including them, being kind and making them laugh.

  • Take the person who is hurt to see someone they trust.

What will happen to the bully?

  • Teachers can talk to both and help.

  • Incidents will be investigated

  • Remind the bully of what it feels like - MAIN!

  • They will be told that BULLYING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE and that IT NEEDS TO STOP!

  • The bullies will be dealt with according to the behaviour policies.

Marley and Maja, Year 5 (Well-being Committee)