We are the best creation of Almighty. He has given us everything we need. The lord wants us to have a spirit of gratitude in all we do, have and say. When we are grateful we will have greater happiness and satisfaction in our life. We will recognize the influence and blessing of the Lord.

The model given in the mind map represents a clear conception about the understanding, reasoning, situations, ways to develop the spirituality for finding out the purpose of life. In the model, self-realization is the key to understand the purpose of life and thus the bridge between the materialistic and spiritual or ultimate world.

In the background of the mind map (given here) there is a very interesting story. I, along with my mates in the training session of Teaching Apprenticeship Program (TAP) organized by Daffodil International University, was given a very precious lesson of life about gratitude or being grateful. At the session I was given a task to organize my idea and thought about gratitude and also to compare it with the thoughts of others about it. At the end I came up with all the thoughts present in the mind map except the spiritual aspects. Then I went through some references online and came up with the spiritual connection of being gratitude. I named my previous mind map as "Materialistic Model of Gratitude" and combined one as "Spiritual or Ultimate Model of Gratitude". Here to my understanding I realized that the self realization of the purpose of life is the key or bridge to jump into the spirituality or ultimate peace from the materialistic fence of life. And thus the study of gratitude helped me develop the understanding of the importance of being grateful.

And I must say, I am really very grateful to Prof. Dr. Yousuf Mahbubul Islam, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Daffodil International University to give me the opportunity to be a part of the training session that day, without what it might have not been ever possible to know the value of gratitude.