Subject Expertise

The mindmap below represents the ways to develop my expertise in my field of study. As a textile learner and educator I must practice these to get the satisfaction of learning.

I prefer to call myself a textile graduate or a textile engineer over a teacher educator. Till date I have the graduation in my field of study and to cope up the facts of textile related business all over the world I have studied MBA also. Having the research passion within myself I have already engaged myself with several textile related research projects, some of which are yet to publish. I have a great passion and desire to peruse my Higher studies in MSc and PhD. I have also interests in acquiring the textile advancement related training. All these facts I am doing and wishing to do are to enrich my knowledge and expertise in my field, so that I can deliver with my full potential to my beloved students. I also attend the seminars and workshops in my field of study to gain some knowledge. I also attain knowledge by sharing and discussion with my colleagues, industry experts and my students. After my graduation I involved myself in the industry for long two years so that the gap between the academic knowledge and practical field reduces. I am very much optimistic about my field of study and wish to make it easy and understandable to my students with my knowledge, expertise and experience.