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Del Norte County Unified School District:

 District Vision

· Imagine every student 
Inspired, challenged, engaged, and cared for by exceptional educators 
· Imagine your family 
Welcomed, respected, and valued by exceptional schools 

· Imagine our Community 
United, strengthened, and prepared for the 21st century 

· Del Norte County Unified School District 
Where a community of educators provides students with the knowledge, skills, inspiration, and confidence to succeed in college, career, and community
District Goals

To realize this vision, we must be
clear about what success looks like. Success = all students achieving.

. Increase Student Achievement

2. Improve School Climate

3. Increase Student Engagement

4. Strengthen our Culture of

5. Increase Family Engagement

District Mission 

In Del Norte Unified School District, 
the youth in our schools will be 
life-long learners who can creatively 
and effectively communicate, 
collaborate, and problem solve in 
global society.

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