Graduation Requirements


CLASS of 2012 and beyond—Each student must successfully complete a minimum of 24.0 credits in four years (9 - 12).   One credit (1.0) is equal to one course lasting one full year.  The 24.0 credits must include the following core courses:

                                          Class of 2012 and beyond

Language Arts                              4.0           

Social Studies                               3.0

Mathematics                                 3.0 *

Science                                        3.0

Practical Arts                                1.0

Fine Arts                                      1.0

Physical Education                        1.0

Speech Communication                n/a


Sub Total Core Credits                 16.0

Electives                                     8.0            _________

Minimum total Credits                   24.0           


*   At least one of three credits in mathematics must include Algebra 1

** May not use the same speech class to satisfy both the Language Arts and the Speech communication requirement.

- Demonstrate Proficiency on District Writing, Reading, Social Studies and Science Standards.

- Demonstrate Proficiency on use of Technology.

- 20 hours of community service documented in Counseling Office.


Students must complete all components of graduation requirements 48 hours prior to graduation in order to walk in the graduation ceremony. 



May 7, 2012, 7:43 AM