CCHE Pre-college requirements

In 2008, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) revised its admissions standards policy to include the addition of a pre-collegiate curriculum requirement. The revised admission standards apply to all students who will graduate from high school from Spring 2010 onwards, and seek to qualify for admission to Colorado’s four-year public institutions. Community colleges will continue to be open admissions; students enrolling in community colleges are not subject to admissions standards.

The pre-collegiate curriculum is a combination of courses, primarily in the areas of English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, that students should plan to complete as preparation for entering one of Colorado’s four-year public colleges or universities. Many states now have some form of pre-collegiate curriculum structure, either as a requirement to qualify for admission to four-year colleges/universities or as a high school graduation requirement. Colleges and universities may have institutional admissions requirements that go beyond the pre-collegiate curriculum and the minimum selective admissions standards established for each institution. Students are advised to work closely with the admissions staff at the college/university of choice for complete information about admission requirements.

English 4
Mathematics (Algebra 1 and Higher) 4
Natural/Physical Sciences (2 Lab Based Units) 3
Social Sciences (1 Unit of US or World History) 3
Foreign Languages (Must be same Language)     1
Academic Electives (see note below)*                                        2
TOTAL    17

*An academic unit, often referred to as a Carnegie Unit, is equivalent to one full year of credit in a specific subject.