ThunderRidge High School Alerts

In case of District closures and breaking news, make sure you get the message...Be in the know. Know what to do.

On the Web - Visit the DCSD  website at for detailed school closure and emergency information and updates. After an emergency check the ThunderRidge High School website for support and resource information. Please click here for busing information during Snow Day Delays and Closures.

On your mobile device - When you sign up for the " dcsdk12alerts " Twitter account, you will receive tweets when there are District closures and Breaking News. This account provides the most up-to-date information on school closures and emergency information.

On the phone - Call the school info line at 303-387-7669 for recorded information and updates relating to school                            alerts.

By email -  Check your e-mail for "Parent Messenger" for detailed emergency information, and after an emergency for support and resource information.


In the event days are lost because of snow or other emergency closings, it may be necessary to extend the school calendar.  Note: If necessary, up to three additional days are scheduled in June for storm make up days.



TRHS is required by law to have fire drills.  They are conducted to develop an orderly process for the evacuation of the building in case of emergency.  ALL ALARMS ARE TREATED AS THE REAL THING.  Students are expected to follow the instructions posted in each room or those given by your teacher and move out of the building to your assigned area in a rapid and orderly fashion. All students will remain outside the building with your teacher until the all clear signal is given by the administrator.


Tampering with a fire alarm, fire extinguisher or turning in a false alarm is a state offense and will be dealt with accordingly as a law enforcement matter.



For Delay and Closure Decision Criteria please visit the DCSD website at

In the event of severely inclement weather or mechanical breakdown, school may be closed or the starting time delayed.  The same conditions may also necessitate early dismissal.  School closing, delayed starting time or early dismissal will be announced over radio and television stations, on our district web site ( or our Weather Hotline 303-387-7669.  Reports in the morning will be between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.  If no report is heard, it can be safely assumed that school will be in session.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL.  Telephone lines must be kept open for emergencies.  A delayed schedule means high school starts 90 minutes later than the normal school start time.  In this case, morning buses will run 90 minutes later than normal.  Afternoon buses will run at the regular time.  Parents are urged to formulate plans with their student in the event of school closures.  School schedules will be posted on the TRHS website.

Only exceptions to normal schedules will be announced. On a delayed schedule, elementary, middle and high schools start 90 minutes later than the normal school start time, and buses run 90 minutes later than normal.

The District will use the following methods to notify parents and staff about weather related school schedule changes:
- Local television and radio broadcasts starting at 5 a.m.
- District website: Information will be updated by 5 a.m.
- Weather hotline: 303-387-SNOW (7669). Closure and delay information will be updated by 5 a.m.

* Reminder: If a High School Feeder Area is closed, buses will not operate either into or out of that area.

*Special Notice of Transportation Service During Inclement Weather for Families of Roxborough Area Download This Important Article!


When a tornado or severe thunderstorm is approaching the school, students and staff members will be informed by a special announcement over the P.A. system.  Everyone should follow the instructions of their teacher or supervisor immediately and without questions.