Scratch Coding Club

After School Program – Scratch Club

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Our weekly after school programs are 90 minutes long and incorporate a wonderful balance of instruction and guidance while also allowing kids to get creative and have the freedom to work on any projects that excite them. All students receive:

  • a "Basic Guide to Scratch" book to keep and take home;
  • an invitation to our Scratch clubs online studio where students can share, play and comment on each others projects;
  • access to our extended character/sprite and backdrop library;
  • guidance/instruction from teachers; and
  • the opportunity to present their projects to their classmates (optional).

All Elementary School classes have a money back guarantee for all unused classes in case a student finds that Scratch isn’t right for them.


  • Must be able to read at a first grade level
  • Must be between 6-12 years old (special exceptions can be made on a case by case basis)
  • Must have a general interest in computers, art, games, etc…
  • Must know basics of using a computer (how to use a mouse, basic typing, etc…)