School Advisory Council

The SAC or School Advisory Council is comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, students, and community members. The focus of this committee is to inform, encourage, and provide opportunities for all stakeholders to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school's instructional program and quality improvement processes.

School Advisory Councils (SAC) should:

  • represent the community point of view    
  • make recommendations and/or give advice to the principal    
  • focus on needs and concerns of the school's community    
  • review various components of the school program and advise the principal as to how well these meet the school and community needs  
  • designate a representative to the District Advisory Committee    
  • adopt by-laws consistent with the District's organizational guidelines   
  • conduct a regular needs assessments/survey for the formulation of school improvement goals    
  • cooperatively develop areas of study based upon school baseline data and school profile information
  • help in the development and implementation of the school improvement plan
  • serve to facilitate the communications to the community and to the District Advisory Committee 
  • meet other requirements as indicated in state law  
  • meet on a monthly basis at a time when the majority of all members of the community can attend  
  • open its meetings to the public, and publish the time, date and location of the meetings


  • Hold Annual Elections for SAC Officers and Select Community Member
  • Educate parents on SAC
  • Schedule all SAC meetings for each school year
  • Notify parents and public community members of SAC meetings
  • Work with administration to develop agendas for all meetings and publish in advance
  • Review, provide input, approve and adopt the SIP (School Improvement Plan)
  • Review results of Parent/Student Survey and make recommendations
  • Solicit, review and submit parent/community needs and concerns for discussion
  • Discuss and resolve safety issues related to the school environment
  • Discuss items that affect student achievement
  • Review and discuss CSAP/educational performance of school
  • Determine monthly topics for meetings
  • Attend DAC meetings and conferences
  • Keep lines of communication open between administration, parents and community

Debra Clemente,
Jun 27, 2013, 3:48 PM