Kiss 'n Go Lane

Looking forward to next year and anticipating changes.  We know that since all students will be in session at once, our Kiss 'N Go Lane and parking lot are going to be crowded at drop off and dismissal.  We would like to start practicing now.  Please be aware of a few things that will keep our line moving, while keeping students safe.  Please……

1.  Stay in your car!!!!!  Do not get out to open the car door for your child.SchoolCenter Picture

2.  Pull all the way through the crosswalk before stopping.

3.  Do not let your child exit your car on the driver's side.   This is unsafe.

4.  Motion to a staff member if you would like us to open the door for your child.

5.  If you need to get out of your car for any reason (to give your teacher a note, to talk to a bus driver, to help your child put their backpack on), please park in the upper parking lot and walk your child through the crosswalk.

6.  Have your child/ren ready to exit your car quickly (coat on, backpack ready, shoes on…)

7.  If your child is unable to exit your car independently, please park in the upper parking lot.

8.  Do not motion for your child to walk unattended through the crosswalk to the upper parking lot.  We've had a few "close calls".

9.  Walkers:  please wait for the crosswalk attendant to acknowledge you before crossing.

10. Thank you for cooperating and being respectful to our staff who work so hard everyday to make sure your children are safe and our Kiss 'N Go Lane moves efficiently.

Please feel free to pass this message on to grandparents, babysitters, siblings, etc.