Caring Community

A Plan for a Positive and Productive School

Successful schools, like successful societies, must have a code of behaviors that are accepted, communicated, and supported. The staff at Timber Trail developed a framework that we believe will provide a safe, secure, and productive environment for our students, parents, and staff members and also one where they can succeed. 

This theme provides focus for our discipline program at Timber Trail. We recognize that all people, children and adults alike, are faced with choices everyday. These choices impact ourselves as well as others. We believe that it is important to make choices that support the positive growth of our students and an environment where strong teaching and learning can take place.

There are six focus words that we use in defining our goals for ourselves and our students. The words are: responsibility, citizenship, caring, fairness, respect, and trustworthiness. Each word helps our students focus on their treatment of others and themselves. Each focus word represents a characteristic of Timber Trail's "Caring Community."

In order to create a "Caring Community" at Timber Trail, our students will be educated in the areas of positive discipline and bully-proofing. Through this program and support from home, students will aspire to demonstrate the characteristics of a successful, productive, and caring citizen.