8/13/15 Email

Dear TTE Families, 
    First of all I want to thank you for taking the time each week to read our 
email blasts.  We know how busy everyone is, so our goal is to make 
these emails informative and timely.  We will be archiving the blasts on 
our TTE website under the "Email Blast" tab.  
    What a wonderful first week of school it has been.  There is so much 
positive energy in the building and lots of smiling faces everywhere you 
look.  Many of us have said that this is the best start to a school 
year we have ever had. 
    I want to thank each of you for your part in creating this feeling.  
Arrival and dismissal are going very smoothly.  Thank you for pulling up 
all the way in the car line :)  Arrival is one of my favorite parts of 
the day as I get to see and greet our  students.  Many stop to share the 
fun things that are happening at school and home.     
    I also want to thank TTEA for all they have done this first week. It 
began with lunch last Friday, The fun continues with a breakfast bar tomorrow, and snacks all week in the teacher's lounge.    
    Thank you again for your support of our staff and students.  You are the 
reason that Timber Trail is the school "Where Hearts and Minds 
Connect".  Have a wonderful weekend. 

Michele Radke     

Nutritional Services has found that some parents do not desire to have 
their child participate in purchasing extra food for either health or 
financial reasons. 
If you DO NOT want your child to have extra food, please download, complete and return the form below. 

Please sign up soon, space is limited. Deadline to register is August 31. Go to timbertrailparents.org to register and to print out the liability waiver. The liability waiver must be signed and turned in to participate. 
The 3 ways to turn your waiver:     
1. Bring it to the front desk     
2. Send it with your child in the Thursday folder     
3. Scan it and email it to your teacher and they will get it to the front 
desk.  This is a fun and exciting event to "kick " off the year!     

Keep calm and Move on! 
It's on September 24th and will be full of fun-packed of activities for the 
kids. This is going to be our only fundraiser this year, so let's make it a big one! 
Registration and waiver information coming soon. 
We need sponsors!!  If you are interested in our sponsorship options, or have any questions please emailmoveathon2015@gmail.com 

Picture Day for kindergarten, first, and second grades will be Wednesday
August 19. Picture Day for third, fourth, and fifth grades will be Thursday, August 20.   Look for order form in Thursday folder. 
Curriculum Night for first and second grade parents will be Wednesday, August 19.  Curriculum Night for third, fourth, and fifth grade parents will be 
Thursday, August 20.  Both nights will begin at 6:00 pm in the gym.  
Please note that kindergarten will not have a curriculum night as theirs 
was held in May.           
In the event of unsafe weather conditions at Timber Trail, the principal 
or designee will decide to delay dismissal.  This is not something we 
can plan in advance-often the decision is made 5-10 minutes before 
school ends.  If it appears that the storm will be brief, students will 
be kept in their classrooms  and then proceed as normal when the storm 
dies down.  When lightning occurs at dismissal time, students will be 
required to remain in the building until it is safe. Buses will depart 
as soon as it is safe. 

ATTENDANCE-24 HR LINE   303.387.5702 
Please call our 24 hr. attendance line prior to 8:30 am to report any absence or late arrival. 
Please limit end of day messages to emergencies/last minute change in plans. 
Please call Timber Trail Elementary prior to 3:00 pm.  It is difficult for the 
buses to depart on schedule if we delay their departure by pulling 
students off the bus. 
The entrance to the parking lot needs to remain passable at all times.  
This is a safety concern for Timber Trail.   Emergency personnel must be 
able to enter and exit the parking lot.   PLEASE do not enter the 
parking lot if there is not room for a car to pass on the left side. 
Do not block the entrance. The waiting line of cars should stay as far to 
the right side as possible in the parking lot to allow emergency 
responders to pass in case of an emergency and to allow others to enter 
and exit parking spaces. 
We are teaching "The Six Pillars of Character" to your children.  Please lead by example. 
    Trustworthiness* Respect* Responsibility* Fairness* Caring* Citizenship      
Please be aware of parking restrictions on Bristolwood Drive, the street 
directly to the east of TTE.  Parking is limited or restricted in various 
areas.  These restrictions are noted by signs or red curbs.  If you are 
dropping off your student on Bristolwood, please let them out onthe west 
side of Bristolwood, the side closest to school.  There is nota 
crosswalk on Bristolwood and students are often running across the 
street in front of cars and buses. 
Also, just a reminder that once Bristolwood  enters The Crossings 
neighborhood, it becomes a private street.  Please do not use 
Bristolwood as a shortcut from or to Monarch or park on the streets.  
Thanks so much for your help as we work hard to keep our students safe 
while being good neighbors with the residents of The Crossings. 
Parking Restrictions on Deer Clover Way

Please be aware of the "No Parking" signs and restrictions in the Deer Clover Way cul-de-sac.  Cars are not allowed to stop in the cul-de-sac to drop off 
or pick up students between 8:00-9:00 am and 3:00-4:00 pm.  
Please be mindful of where you are parking on the street so that you 
are not blocking a neighbor's drive. We appreciate your help with 
keeping our neighborhoods and streets safe for our students. 
Please take a moment to write your child's first and last names in their lunch 
boxes, backpacks and coats.  Our Lost & Found basket is already 
full!  If names are written in these items, we will make sure they are 
returned to their rightful owner as soon as possible.     
DOGS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY                 
Just a reminder that it is Douglas School District policy that non-service 
dogs are not allowed on school grounds from 6:30 am - 6:00 pm.

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