Principal's Message

March 19, 2014

Dear Trailblazer Families,

Safety is always a top priority at Trailblazer.  With that being stated, over the past few months, I have been working with the Douglas County Schools Operation and Maintenance team to problem solve a few issues with our traffic patterns during drop off and pick up.

As you may already know, the entrance to our main parking lot is only one lane wide.  This is often blocked by cars waiting to drop students off making it difficult for cars to get into the parking area and causing some frustration before and after school.  To alleviate this and make our drop off and pick up routines more smooth, we are making the following changes effective after Spring Break:

  1. We will have two Kiss and Go Lanes.  The existing lane at the front of the school will be for Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  We will begin using the old bus loop on the west side of the building as an additional Kiss and Go Lane for 4th through 6th grade.  View a map HERE.  If you have students in multiple grade levels, please choose the Kiss and Go Lane that is most convenient for your family.

  2. The handicapped parking spaces in the Kiss and Go Lane will be relocated to the main parking lot.  This area will become a NO PARKING ZONE.  

Please help keep our children safe by:

  1. Pulling all the way forward in the Kiss and Go Lane.

  2. Pulling out of the Kiss and Go Lane once your child(ren) exit your vehicle so that others can pull up.

  3. Having your child(ren) begin exiting earlier in the lane rather than waiting until you are directly in front of the school.

  4. Only allowing your child(ren) to exit to the Kiss and Go sidewalk from the passenger’s side.  It is unsafe to let them out into the lane as cars are passing into the drive-through area.

  5. Not using the parking lot as a drop off/pick up area.  This is marked in red on the MAP.

  6. Crossing through the Kiss and Go in the crosswalks, only.

  7. Driving cautiously and slowly through the Kiss and Go lanes.

Additionally, Douglas County will be conducting a traffic study around Trailblazer in the near future.  The traffic study will consider the volume of walkers, bicycles/scooters, cars, and street parking around our school during drop off and pick up.  The study will also examine the safety of the intersection at Hackberry and Spring Hill.  There is a possibility that some crosswalks in the area may be eliminated during resurfacing and restriping this summer, but it does not appear that they will remove any connected to Traliblazer’s sidewalks and property.  

If you have questions about these changes or if you want to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful and safe Spring Break,

Dr. Deanne Kirby