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Parent Portal Instructions

Parent Portal

Once your student is enrolled in our school you will receive an email from the Identity Management System.  The email will contain your guardian ID number (GUID), also known as an activation code and a link. Follow the link to choose you own username and password. A second email will be sent to notify you when your account has been created and is ready to use. You should receive this second email within the hour of choosing your credentials.

Useful information and troubleshooting:

  • The GUID code is a 32-digit alphanumeric code. If you get an error code, you may have entered the letter O instead of a zero “0”. Any character that appears to be the letter O is actually a number zero “0”.

  • For security reasons, the Portal will be disabled after five failed attempts using an invalid password. To reset a forgotten password using your PIN reset, go to this link:

  • Enter your username and guardian ID and captcha and follow the prompts.

  • Please use Identity Management’s FAQ page to answer questions regarding how to reset your username and/or password.

  • If you enter your username and password and get a message that says “Page not found”, your browser settings for privacy and security may be set too high. Check your settings under “tools” and “internet options”.

What can I see in the Parent Portal?

  • Attendance, schedule, grades, fees, lunch account balance, important messages from the school, copies of emails and phone messages sent by the school regarding your student.

What can I do in the Portal? You can….

  • Change your email address, tell the school how you would like to be contacted (email, phone etc.), email teachers, and complete online check-in the current school year.

What can I do if I have additional questions/concerns:

  • Call the school registrar at 303-387-6259.