Elementary Progress Report

New Elementary Progress Report

This December, the district will be unveiling a new elementary progress report. This progress report will give parents and students feedback on the four components of the GVC: World Class Outcomes, 4C’s, 21st Century Skills and Grade Level Content. More information will be shared in future communications, but below you will find a definition of the new aspects of the progress report. Click here for more information!


These high-level outcomes are based on the Colorado Academic Standards, which are required items all students must learn. DCSD worked with teachers to increase the rigor, building outcomes that require higher-level thinking, as defined by Bloom’s Taxonomy, a classification of levels of intellectual behavior. Researchers have found that when students utilize the higher levels of thinking, including analyzing, evaluating and creating, they are able to better retain the skills they have learned.

Traditionally, education has focused on the process of memorization and regurgitation of fact, which are lower-levels of thinking, as defined by Benjamin Bloom and his team of educational psychologists.

DCSD’s World Class Outcomes span from preschool to twelfth-grade have been broken out into grade level and subject areas, by the World Class Education department to help guide teachers.


Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity are the 4Cs. They are considered by education experts to be the most important attributes or “super skills” that students will need to compete and succeed in the global economy.


Education researchers and America’s corporate leaders agree: in order for our students to be successful in our changing world, they must master 21st Century skills, not just content. For this reason, the Douglas County School District has adopted the following list of 21st Century Skills, which can be incorporated in lessons, depending on their relevance to the topic.           

21st Century Skills

  • Global Awareness

  • Financial Literacy

  • Problem Solving

  • Health/Wellness

  • Resiliency

  • Civic Responsibility

  • System Thinking


Content is The Colorado Academic Standards taught (reading, writing, math, science and social studies) for each individual grade level.