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Green Team

This year Sand Creek is hoping to earn the Green Flag Award. In order to do this we started some new initiatives and grades 4-6th have elected student representatives to help us spread the word and achieve our goal as a school. The Green Team consists of the pathways: Consumption & Waste, Health Living (Physical & Mental Wellness) and Energy. We meet weekly on Fridays before school from
8:00-9AM to implement our pathway action plans. Together we have created our school Eco-Code.

Here is a list of our meeting times by pathway.

 Pathway   Times
 Consumption & WasteApril 3rd, 10th and 17th
Healthy Living- Mental WellnessMeeting on Friday, February 27th, but no meetings in thh.
Healthy Living- Physical WellnessNo Meeting Friday, February 27th. Only Meeting on Friday, March 6th during the month of March.

 Energy PathwayNo Meeting on Friday, February 27th and no meetings in the month of March.

Heathy Living- Physical Wellness

 Our team has come with brain breaks & outdoor activites that can be used throughout the school day.
 Brain Breaks Outdoor Activities
  • Limbo
  • dance party
  • freeze dance
  • put on music and dance
  • throw a ball around
  • Go Noodle
  • musical chairs
  • Where the Wild Wind Blows
  • Social Time
  • I have Who has?
  • Charades
  • Go Around the School
  • Run laps around the grass
  • stretch
  • butt volleyball
  • crab soccer
  • 4 corners
  • Brain Breaks Outside
  • Walking around the building
  • running laps on the field
  • reading outside
  • walking in the green belt
  • playing educational games
  • leap frog
  • A to Z scavenger hunt

Please also check out our video to see what else we have been working on.Green Girls Movie

Consumption & Waste Pathway

We have been doing many things.  We have put recycling bins in the lunch room and around the building. We have also posted signs and pictures in every classroom and around the building. Our next step is to learn about how to start composting.

Mrs. Durante 

Healthy Living- Mental Wellness

We are currently working on movies about the SOAR expectations. Please check back later.

Energy Pathway

Our energy pathway is working to reduce electricity and energy usage in our school. For every 1% reduction, our school will receive $800. Each class now has HERO jobs. Hero stands for Helpful Energy Resource Officer.

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