Eagle Ease

Welcome to Eagle Ease

Are your feeling overwhelmed? Could you use help from some parent volunteers? Then Eagle Ease is for you!

Follow these simple instructions to send out a mass e-mail to parents with your designated task and wait for a parent to respond to your call for help!

1. Look at the box below
2. Click on the new topic button
3. Login if needed to your DCSD e-mail account
4. Check box that says to automatically subscribe me to email updates when I post a topic
5. Then click the blue "join this group" button
6. Then fill out the message to send your request to Eagle Ease.

Make sure to include the following in your request:
a. What is the task description?
b. By when would you like the task completed?
c. Where should the task take place? (i.e. helpers can work at home vs. classroom task)
d. How many helpers would you like to have?

Eagle Ease