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Tech Cart Check Out

These are the calendars for the cart check-outs for 2018/19 school year. Please note the following when adding an event:
Time Limit: MAX of 2 Hours per teacher. NO EXCEPTIONS!
# of Carts: Limit 2 carts per teacher per event. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*Please do not follow the COLOR of the cart calendar. Everyone has different colors set for their calendars. Pay attention to the cart NAME instead.

When checking out a cart/ adding a new event, PLEASE list your: 
  • Last name
  • Grade level 
  • Cart name
  • Times you will have the cart e.g. 10am-11:30am 
  • Calendar you are adding the event to
  • Have your students return the cart ON TIME
CART Names & Contents:
Crush-25 Chromebooks
Nemo-30 Chromebooks

**NOTE: Assessments will always override cart checkouts. Always.

Thank you for being flexible and promoting a responsible atmosphere!

Crush-Cart Check Out

Nemo Cart-Check Out